Meet Molly McCandless

Founder of Transformational Healing Solutions

From a young age Molly was able to see and intuit energy. As Molly’s desire to work on herself spiritually grew, her ability to help people heal grew. She has since studied and taught meditation and healing techniques for over 20 years. By applying her gifts as a clairvoyant Molly she has help thousands of people to heal and transform their lives.

Molly has degrees in Business/Marketing. Certificates in Horticulture, Arboriculture, Healing Arts and Feng Shui. 

Molly is a world traveler, visiting more than 50 countries on 6 continents and sharing her incredible work along the way. 

Some of her clients success stories include:

  • Releasing past traumas
  • Creating new jobs 
  • Receiving scholarships
  • Creating new relationships and healing current ones
  • Realizing personal power 
  • Improved clarity and mind-set
  • Creating a positive money flow
  • Selling and buying homes
  • Improved health 
  • Helping businesses increase profitability  
  • Business team building
  • Manifesting desires 
  • Healing family relationships 
  • Remote home healings 
  • Long distance Feng Shui consultations
  • Healing family agreements 
  • And much more 

Molly teaches a variety of workshops, coaches clients personally, and speaks professionally on how to energetically remove blocks and shift negative beliefs people hold within themselves. 

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