August Blog and Healing Special, Removing Limits!

Removing Limits

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to move forward in your life but can’t seem to make things happen, it could be that limits have been placed on you that you aren’t even aware of. Those limits can keep you from reaching your full potential.

Limits can be placed on you by your parents, siblings, bosses and those closest to you. They can also be placed on you by people who are in competition with you on a personal or professional level.

How and why does this happen?

Energetic limitations can occur when people want to energetically keep you from moving forward and creating something wonderful for yourself. Someone who places limits on you is often a person who feels invalidated in their own life and has a lot of limits placed in their energetic space. They put limits in your space to try to stop you from creating; that way they don’t feel the pain of seeing you succeed. I often see this with jealous siblings, with bosses who feel threatened by an employee who has a lot of potential, and with so-called friends who don’t want you to have what they feel they can’t have. In business I see it as limits from competitors who feel threatened by their competition. 


August Blog and Healing Special, Removing Limits!


How do you know if you have limits in your space?

Limits can show up as a feeling like you don’t deserve to have something you really want. Limits can feel like no matter how hard to try, you just can’t succeed in what you’re aiming for. Limits might show up as a belief you hold about yourself and your ability to create or how much you feel you are able to receive in your life.  There are countless other ways that limits can occur in our lives. 

Are you ready to free yourself from limits and move forward in your life? 

The good news is limits can be removed. Limits sit as an energy vibration in your space. In my August healing special I will work with you to identify where you are holding onto limits and help you to release them energetically. Just think of what you could create if you were able to remove the limits that are holding you back!

*August Special! Removing Limits 
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