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May Special, Healing Your Communication Channels  

May Special, Healing Your Communication Channels  

  • Do you have trouble communicating or expressing what’s really on your mind? 
  • Do people talk over you when you are speaking? 
  • When communicating your feelings does your throat tighten or you go into fear? 

If any of these situations are a common theme in your life, then you have blocked energy in your communication channels. 

You have… Read More


Webster's Dictionary defines self-awareness as: an awareness of one's own personality or individuality. I tend to think of self-awareness as how awake and conscious a person is to the world and others around them. Are they aware their actions affect the whole?

How conscious and awake you are is greatly affected by your ability to keep your energetic and physical bodies free from outside energies. If… Read More

February Relationship Healing Special

The Latin word for February is Februarius, meaning to “purify” or “expiate.” February is also the second month of the year in which numerology holds a two vibration which signifies partnership. This means that February is a great month to heal a current or past relationship. 

Everyone has a relationship that can use a healing. It could be a… Read More

Create space for an abundant new year

Everything you have ever experienced in your life is held as energy within your body. It's through those experiences that you learn and grow as a human being and as a spirit. That held energy also affects what you create for yourself in the future because you draw on those past experiences, that energy, to guide you in making decisions… Read More

Miracle Healing, December Special

Do you believe in miracles?

We all have the ability to create miracles but we often forget about this ability when we become bogged down with life and energies that take us off our path.

You can call on this miracle energy anytime. Receiving a healing to clear out the foreign energy that has gotten in between you… Read More

Healing Family Agreements

November Healing Special   
Healing Family Agreements 

There’s nothing like the holidays and spending time with family to trigger one’s emotions. 

Family members are some of our biggest teachers. Forgiving past hurts inflicted by family members, forgiving yourself and updating family agreements are all incredibly freeing and healing. It also can remove some of the stress you feel when you are… Read More

Let Your Creativity Flow

We are by nature creative beings. In fact, that’s the very reason we are here on this planet, to create! 

Your desire to create isn’t limited to artistic endeavors. It may take the form of new ways to generate income, a move to a new location, a new approach to relationships, and much more. Whatever the area of creativity, having… Read More

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step On Your Path?

Are you ready to take the next step in your life but have some uncertainty about moving forward? Perhaps you have some resistance about advancing in your career. Maybe you are concerned about taking a personal relationship to the next level or leaving one that no longer works for you. You might be thinking about to moving to a new location but fear of the… Read More

August Blog and Healing Special, Removing Limits!

Removing Limits

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to move forward in your life but can't seem to make things happen, it could be that limits have been placed on you that you aren’t even aware of. Those limits can keep you from reaching your full potential.

Limits can be placed on you by your parents, siblings, bosses and those closest to… Read More

July Blog

Feeling Stuck 

Have you ever felt stuck in some area of your life?  Maybe you'd like your relationship, finances, career, or health to improve, yet no matter what you can't seem to make any positive progress in that direction. We all feel stuck at some point in our lives. Feeling stuck can leave you feeling frustrated and even hopeless.

Often times… Read More

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