May Special, Healing Your Communication Channels  

May Special, Healing Your Communication Channels  

  • Do you have trouble communicating or expressing what’s really on your mind? 
  • Do people talk over you when you are speaking? 
  • When communicating your feelings does your throat tighten or you go into fear? 

If any of these situations are a common theme in your life, then you have blocked energy in your communication channels. 

You have spaces within you that hold your information on communication. These spaces can become blocked for many reasons starting with the communication style of the home in which you were raised. If as a child you weren’t allowed to verbalize your thoughts or feelings you may have shut down your ability to communicate effectively.  

Events can contribute to blocked communication channels.  Traumatic experiences or past or present partners who don’t respect your opinions can affect your communication, as can others who constantly cut you off or talk over you when you’re speaking.

Like anything that is out of balance, if you don’t clear the energy that is affecting your ability to communicate effectively you may recreate the same experiences over and over that mirror back to you your communication issues. This can impact your personal relationships, your job and lower your self-esteem. Once you clear these channels you may have a sense of freedom and greater energy flow in your communication with others.

Are you ready to clear blocked energy and speak your truth?  

May healing special:
Clearing Your Communication Channels 

$50.00 for a 30 minute healing 

This healing focuses on clearing your throat chakra, the energy center for your communication. You will also get a clearing on who or what may be blocking your ability to speak your truth. 

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