Webster’s Dictionary defines self-awareness as: an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality. I tend to think of self-awareness as how awake and conscious a person is to the world and others around them. Are they aware their actions affect the whole?

How conscious and awake you are is greatly affected by your ability to keep your energetic and physical bodies free from outside energies. If you are not diligent about keeping your physical and energetic bodies clear and balanced it’s much easier to be negatively affected by what’s happening around you and thrown out of alignment.  

You wouldn’t go a lifetime without showering; how often do you take a spiritual shower?

How good are you at clearing your body and energetic field from foreign energy? How aware are you of the energy you’re putting out into the world and how it affects those around you?

If you feel like things are always happening to you, you are quite possibly being affected by foreign energy that has built up in and around your body. Foreign energy comes from the world and other people. This energy build-up can skew how you see the world and take you off track from living a higher vibrational and creative life. 

If foreign energy has you out-of-balance and you want to get back into alignment, this month’s healing special is designed to do just that.

April Healing Special, $50.00 for a 30-minute healing on clearing and balancing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and bringing them into alignment. This healing will help to get your energy flowing and raise your vibration.

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