Back To Work For Stay-At-Home Parents

conference room desk

Have you been a stay-at-home parent and are thinking about going back to work?
Do you have fear about getting back into the workforce?
Do you feel you lack the confidence to go out interview for a job or create your own business?

If you can relate to these questions you are not alone. I know first-hand how scary going back to work can be after being a stay-at-home parent myself many years ago. This workshop is designed to help you clear limiting belief patterns and empower you to get back out into the workforce. You will also learn to recognize energy that may be getting in the way of creating the job you want and how to keep that energy of what you desire in a job alive.

This workshop focuses on:

  • Uncovering and releasing fears about going back to work
  • Clearly define what type of job or work you would like to create for yourself
  • Removing blocks that keep you from moving forward in your career
  • How to build self-confidence
  • Techniques to manifest your career into form
  • How to set the energy for job interviews