Buffering Yourself From Other Peoples Energy

Have you ever felt someone’s energy even before you knew they were close by? Have you ever been out with a friend and they proceed to rant or dump all their energy on you and you just wanted to run away from them as fast as you could? You don’t have to know a lot about energy and auras to know how someone’s energy is affecting you. 

When I work with clients I use a lot of mental imagery to look at their energy. I also teach my clients to use these techniques to heal themselves. When creating these images and adding an intention to them they are incredibly powerful. 

Using mental imagery with intention 

I used imagery and intention when I listed my home for sale. The result was that my home sold within ten days to a cash buyer with a thirty day escrow. That was my exact intention. My realtor was shocked. I tell you this so you can understand that what I am sharing with you truly works.

I am going to explain a simple and highly effective technique for buffering yourself from other peoples energy using a mental image and adding an intention to it. Some of you reading this may know the technique of using a “Protection Rose” and for those who do not know it, I suggest you try it a few times and see for yourself how effective it is.

Protecting yourself from other peoples energy

How to protect yourself form other peoples energy: Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, imagine out in front of you an image of a rose that is as tall as you are. The flower part of the rose is twice as big as your head or even larger. The flower can be open or a tight bud, any shape or color you like. At the base of the flower imagine a nice, strong stem that touches the ground. Where the stem touches the ground imagine that there is a hollow tube that connects the stem to the center of the planet. This hollow tube is also called a grounding cord. That grounding cord is a way to anchor your rose into the planet. Your Protection Rose is always out in front of you, whether you are walking or driving that rose is always protecting you. I personally never leave home without one. 

At the end of the day, close your eyes and look at that rose. If you had a busy day or you were with someone who was directing a lot of energy at you, see what that rose looks like. Is there anything left of your rose? If there isn’t then it did a good job of protecting you from a lot of energy. If you have an easy day, perhaps it’s still pretty intact. If there is not much left of your rose and looks depleted, then imagine exploding what is left of your rose by placing a little firecracker at the base of the stem and allow it to explode the rose into a million tiny pieces of gold. Then create a new one. You can change the look of your rose at any time.

By using the protection rose in combination with grounding and replenishing yourself, you will have so much more energy in your body and be able to create a more purposeful day. Here is a link to the free grounding meditation. Simply subscribe on the home page and you will be sent the meditation. https://transformationalhealingsolutions.com

Be mindful of what energy you are placing on others

As I end this blog I want to mention something important. It is not just other people getting into your space, you can get into other peoples space too, so be mindful of how your energy might be affecting someone else. Are you dumping your energy or your bad day onto someone else? Or are you putting positive energy out there into the world. Like Oprah says, “Be responsible for the energy you bring into this space”. 

Best Wishes,


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