Where Are You Vibrating?


Everything in the Universe has its own specific vibration. Positive energy vibrates very fast and attracts more positive energy. Negative energy vibrates more slowly and attracts more negativity. If you want to know where you’re vibrating at any point in time, look at your life and ask, “how are things working for me?”

We all have had low vibrational days where we are in a funk and just don’t feel like doing anything. Maybe on that day you feel out-of-sync with life and begin to focus on what’s not working for you. When you’re feeling/vibrating like this everything else that happens that day is just a confirmation on how crappy the day or you life is. What does a low vibrational day look like? Your day starts with you spilling your coffee on yourself. You hit all the red lights on your way to work. Your boss picks on you. You stop for take-out on your way home and when you get home your order is wrong. That day is clearly a day when you are vibrating at a low frequency. 

To experience a day like this on occasion isn’t a huge problem, but when you stay in this state for a week, month or your entire life it becomes a huge problem. Staying in a low vibrational state will affect everything you are trying to create for yourself; from relationships, money, career choices, your health and more.

What experiences are you creating in your life?

When you look at your life, what experiences are you creating for yourself? Are you creating positive experiences and moving forward with your goals and life’s purpose? When you are vibrating high, life seems to flow, and what you’re creating comes with much more ease rather than with stress and effort. 

Every waking moment of your life you are sending out vibrations to the universe and your body acts like a magnet to attract back to you the same frequency. That is why it is so important to watch your thoughts and what you are creating carefully.  

Where does that low vibrational energy come from? Your vibration can be affected by outside influences like other people’s energy, either positive or negative. It can also be affected by your mind replaying past problems or situations and reliving them like they were happening now. The more you mull over that situation the more you will shift your energy to a lower state. Your own self-talk impacts your vibration greatly. Negative self-talk creates a negative vibratory pattern and positive self-talk does the opposite. Watching the news is a sure way to lower your vibration. Focusing other people’s problems will keep your vibration lower and playing the victim game will hold you hostage to a lower vibrational state.  

 If I have a day where things don’t seem to be going my way, I stop and ask myself, “What am I creating, where am I vibrating”? I literally stop everything I am doing and sit down and get grounded and work to release and shift that low vibrational energy out of my space so it won’t continue to negatively impact my day. I will not get behind the wheel of my car and drive before I change my energy to a higher state of being. (To add extra protection around yourself when you dive your car, read my September blog Click here )

Raising your vibration

In almost every blog I write, I talk about getting your body grounded and in present time because it is such a powerful way to shift your energy. The simple technique of being anchored to the planet energetically and releasing energies that you are bombarded with daily is the first step to shifting your energy. Replenishing and resetting your personal energy will raise your vibration and help you create more positive situations and experiences in your life. Once you start practicing the simple technique of grounding and releasing energy and replenishing yourself with positive energy, you will have an awareness of how much you are truly being impacted by outside influences. It may even shock you as to what or who is impacting how you vibrate. You have the power to change your life in any direction you want it to go! Use these tools to take charge of your life and what you are attracting so you can vibrate high and create your best life. Start by looking at what needs to be changed and implement a personal practice of grounding and replenishing yourself. Only you can make the change and it doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s all in how you look it! 

My November’s blog has the grounding and replenishing techniques, click here and scroll down the page to find the techniques or simply download the free grounding meditation off the home page of my website, click here.

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