Simple Techniques To Protect You and Your Vehicle

Simple Techniques To Protect You and Your Vehicle

Have you ever been tailgated while driving? Have you ever been in an accident? Here are a couple of techniques you can use to protect yourself while on the road.

Through the simple technique of mental imaging you can create a layer of protection around you and your vehicle while driving. Sound strange? I invite you to practice these simple techniques and see for yourself how powerfully they work.

Protecting your vehicle 

You can create this imagery before you get in your car or while you are in your car before you turn the engine on. Simply imagine the symbol of a giant rose floating on each side of your car. You can simply imagine the flower portion of the rose in different colors on each side of the car.  For example, I will create a red rose that is about three feet by three feet tall and wide that floats behind my car about three to four feet from my bumper.  I will create another rose in a different color on the driver side, the passenger side and one in front of my car. Then I simply set the intention that my energy goes into those roses. It’s as if I push my energy into the roses on an exhale. Or you can think of it as if you are exhaling and your energy is a lite vapor that goes into those roses. This practice of sending your energy into the roses allows other drivers to feel your energy and they will be more alert to your presence.

What to do when you are being tailgated

When I am being tailgated  (a pretty common occurrence here in Souther California), I push my energy out behind me and into that rose. Again, it is as if I were exhaling and while doing this and at the same time I send the thought out to the person tailgating me to “BACK OFF“! I am very strong with this intention for them to back off. 99 percent of the time the person will back off.  You will actually see them almost immediately backing off your bumper and often times changing lanes. I am always amazed by how quickly this technique works. You may also find when you are in bumper to bumper traffic that you have more space around your car when you apply this technique. 

Every day create new, fresh roses around your car or vehicle. Just simply explode the old roses and create new ones and mix up the colors for each side of your car if you like. You can create your roses in jewel tones or any color that feels powerful to you. I believe that applying this technique helps to protect your car in parking lots to avoid door dings as well. I never drive without roses around my car and if I am in someone else’s car, I apply the same protection. 

Visualize your drive

See yourself arriving at your destination safely and your return drive is safe as well. This is a great technique when you are taking road trips. 

You can protect yourself if you ride a bicycle on the road by placing roses all around you. If you ride mountain bikes and ride on single tracks, float a red rose out in front of you about 10 feet. This allows you to feel another person coming towards you and they will feel your energy before they reach you. I have taught this to fellow mountain biking friends and they too have felt the benefits from this technique! Practicing this technique on single tracks you will learn how to feel another person’s energy before you even see them. 

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