Do You Allow Others To Determine How You Feel?

October 2017 Blog 

Do you ever think to yourself,  “That person made me so mad, sad, hurt, angry and so on”?  Or have you had an experience (a break up, problem at work, car accident, etc.) and you let it consume your thoughts and feelings?  No one outside of you can make you feel anything; only you can choose how you feel. It’s your past experiences and programing that gets triggered by other people’s actions and you respond accordingly. But you still have the ability to choose how you react and how you feel.  
When you allow someone’s energy or a situation to affect you in a negative way you are giving up your power and your energy to something outside of yourself. You are allowing that energy to affect you and what you are creating in your life. Maybe you allow it to affect you for a day and sometimes affect you for years. What someone said to you or did to you may not be in integrity, but how you react to it is a choice. 

Are You Giving Your Power Away To External Situations

As I write this blog I am sitting at the airport, my plane is delayed for hours. I have a choice now to be pissed off, angry and frustrated, but that doesn’t help me to get any closer to boarding the plane and having it taking off. I choose to be at peace with the situation I am currently in so it doesn’t ruin my day and my trip.

Take a moment to think about the last time you gave your precious time and energy away to a situation or person because you allowed that energy to take you over. Was it just last week, is it happening right now? Allowing something outside of you to hijack your feelings is time that you can never get back. Why not find neutrality to what is happening outside of you and focus on what you can control? Ultimately the only thing you can really control is how you choose to feel.

Finding Neutrality 

How do you find neutrality? Learning meditation and grounding techniques can help you find neutrality and peace within yourself. These techniques help to calm you down and release the energy that is affecting you. It will also teach you how to have greater awareness about what you are giving your attention to and how it might be negatively affecting you. You have to have awareness in order to change.  

You can download a free grounding meditation from the home page of my website that will give you simple techniques for grounding and releasing energy. Also, under the blogs tab you will find my March Blog that talks about shifting energy quickly.

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