Are You Living In Present Time?

Are You Living In Present Time?

Does the question, “Are you living in present time sound strange to you”? You might be thinking, how could I be alive if I wasn’t already living in present time? I’m standing here and I’m breathing. But just because you are standing on the planet doesn’t mean you are living in present time. In fact, most people are not living in present time.

So what do I mean when I say “living in present time”? Living/Being in present time means having all of your energy in your body ready for you to use to create with right at this moment. It’s a universal law that in order to create you must have your energy focused in present time.

Where is your energy if it’s not in present time?

Your energy might be stuck in the past. It could be in the past for all sorts of reasons, like being stuck in resentment around a person or situation. Maybe it’s stuck in past abuse, sorrow, or trauma. Maybe you keep reliving how great a previous time was in your life and you don’t want to move forward. I see this quite often when someone is grieving the loss of a partner and doesn’t want to move on or maybe when life was easier in the past for a variety of reasons. 

You could also be stuck in future time. If you are a worrier, that will keep you in future time. Worrying about whether something will or will not happen in the future will keep you stuck. Perhaps you are stuck in the future energy of hope because you forgot as a spirit how to create. Or perhaps you have so much programing from other people in your energetic field that you literally cannot create. When people tell me they can’t create, the first thing I do is look at the energy blocking them from creating. What is causing their creative energy to stop flowing? We are creative beings, so if you feel you cannot create, that would mean you have a lot of what I call foreign energy in your space. Meaning, energy that is not yours. 

So how do you get out of living in the past or the future and become refocused on present time? One of the best ways is to get grounded. I refer a lot to my free grounding meditation in my blogs because that procedure will help you to release energy and replenish yourself, helping you to be more present. If you have not downloaded the free meditation off the homepage of my website (click here for the free meditation), or you can simply read here how to apply this simple technique into your life.

Practicing grounding and replenishing your body five minute per day

If you were to simply practice the following technique every day for five to ten minutes you will bring your body more into present time. By being in present time you will start to notice that you attract more good in your life. You will be calmer and will be less tired. Your day will just flow better. See below for the complete grounding and replenishing exercise.  

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Techniques for grounding and replenishing your body 

Each of these techniques balances the other. Grounding to release energy and a Gold Sun to replenish your energy.


Sit up straight, feet squarely on the ground and keep your head level. Become aware of your spine and follow it all the way down to the tip of your tailbone. At the tip of your tailbone is your first charka also called the root charka. Imagine the first charka as a spot of light about the size of a half-dollar piece. 

Now imagine a hollow tube extending from the bottom of your tail bone, your first charka, down through the layers of the planet and plug that hollow tube into the crystalline core in the center of the planet. This hollow tube will plug firmly into the center of the planet like a plug into a socket. You can make the image of a grounding cord out of any thing you can imagine, the reason it is open and hollow is so the energy has a way to release energy away from your body and into the center of the planet where it will turn back into neutral energy.

Next, relax and allow any stress to fall away down the grounding cord like a river carrying it away down into the center of the planet to be neutralized. This is a no effort space, so just allow gravity to pull any energies you are ready to release out of your body and down the grounding cord. Release any excess energy from others that you have been carrying around, release all the effort from your day and week. Release any worries about your life, stress from work, release any fatigue you are feeling and anything else you want to move out of and away from your body. 

Spend as much time as you need releasing, especially after a busy or stressful day.

Golden Sun

Above your head imagine a giant golden sun. This sun acts like a magnet pulling back your energy back from where you left it. You can visualize your energy coming back to you in the sun as colorful lightning bolts, vapors, strings of energy or just postulate that it is coming back to you if you cannot see it. You are calling your energy back from people such as coworkers, family, places like restaurants or gatherings, or anywhere else you may have left it. Maybe you left your energy out in the future, so call back your energy from any worry or fears you put out into the universe. 

When that sun is full of your own vital life force energy, bring that golden sun in through the top of your head and allow all the golden energy to flow into your body through the top of your head. This energy will fill you up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, saturating all your cells and organs and will help replenish and balance your body, giving you more energy in your body. You will feel the difference when you practice this 

Please enjoy this grounding exercise and see how quickly you can shift your energy to a new and higher level and have more actual energy back in your body.

Wishing you all the best,
Molly McCandless