Are You Stuck In Resentment?

As a healer and Clairvoyant and having worked with many clients over the years, I have seen what holding onto resentment does to person’s body. Over time, holding onto resentment damages the cells of a body and can eventually cause illness and disease. 

Do you have a story you won’t let go of?

When you hold onto resentment, a story of how someone wronged you, betrayed you, screwed you over, or how you had a crapy childhood, or were passed over for a promotion and on and on, this energy can keep you stuck and often unable to move forward in an area of your life. It could even stop you from moving forward in your life at all. 

When you just can’t let resentment go

When you can’t or won’t let go of resentment because after a period of time it becomes part of who you think you are, you are only hurting yourself. There is a great saying, “holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”! Every time you think about or talk about that situation that was the cause of the resentment, you are adding another layer to it. It can become such a part of who you think you are that you don’t even realize you have been holding onto or talking about it for years. Resentment forms an energy block within your physical body. That blocked energy, if not addressed, will begin to cause you discomfort which can turn into an illness and eventually a disease.    

Blocks can cause disease

I lost someone very close to me to cancer because she could not forgive her husband for all the betrayal that happened in their marriage. She could not let it go and move on even though it happened 30 years prior. On her deathbed she told her family that she realized her inability to let go of her resentment towards her ex-husband is what had caused her cancer. It took that long and finally dying to realize what she couldn’t see and let go of for all those years. I am not saying all cancer happens because of resentment, this was her particular story. 

We all have choices on where we want to focus our attention or thoughts and how we react to those thoughts. Do we give our power away to those thoughts?  We need to be willing and able to forgive that situation that holds us in it’s grips of a false reality. Are you ready to let go and move forward in your life? It’s a choice and honestly, the person who you feel screwed you over has most likely moved on and is not even thinking about what you can seem to let go.  

How do you let go of resentment? 

To being with, start noticing your thoughts and how often you allow your mind or ego to take over and start focusing on a feeling of resentment. We can all have thoughts come up about some kind of suffering, it’s what you choose to do with those thoughts that is key. Do you allow those thoughts pass though you like the Keanu Reeves in the movie the Matrix or do you let those thoughts hijack your day and before you know it you have gone down that rabbit hole of reliving your story? Then, before you know it you have been focusing on that story for fifteen minutes and are all worked up as if it just happened. Allowing yourself to relive your experience will certainly keep you stuck.  

If it is difficult in the beginning to just allow the thought of resentment to pass though you, then the first step to change this dynamic is acknowledge that you have the thought. When you realize the thought is there, say to yourself silently or aloud, STOP or CANCEL; then replace that thought with a positive thought, any positive thought. You will most likely need to do this more than once, maybe it takes one hundred times of saying stop or cancel and replacing the energy with something positive before you shift that energy and stop thinking about it.

Perhaps you need to have some forgiveness for the person or situation where you feel wronged. I mean, if you honestly what to let go of resentment, forgiveness is a great way to start the healing process. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that what happened is okay, it’s just a way to being to let go of an energy that can become toxic to you so you can move forward in your life. How much of your life are you going to give away to a situation from the past, a day, a week, a year, how about giving up your entire life to it? Is it more important to you to be right or be happy?

My March blog has a technique for shifting energy quickly. This technique is very helpful when you are working on releasing resentment. Here is the link,

Remember, when you are stuck in resentment you are holding onto something from the past that is not happening in the present. It’s like watching a rerun of a movie for the millionth time, that movie gets really old. You know the story of that movie inside and out and have probably added some new scenes to it that never even happened. So stop playing that rerun of betrayal and shift your energy and start creating a new, positive way of thinking and living and create a healthy life for yourself. 

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