How To Shift Your Energy Quickly!


Blowing Rosesallows you to release memory pictures held within the body and aura 

This technique, called Blowing Roses is a way to release energy that has built up within your body and aura and is causing you discomfort. The discomfort you are feeling is from an energy vibration that got activated within your space around a past experience. You don’t have to have an awareness of a past experience for it to get activated. 

Everything you experience physically, mentally and emotionally for your entire life, past lives included is held within the body as pictures. Those pictures look like little snapshots of an event and are held in different parts of your body depending on what the association is to the experience or thought. If you are experiencing discomfort in your body around an emotion, that is a picture getting activated within you and it needs to be released. Holding onto that energy will not only cause you discomfort but it can eventually cause an energy block within your body which can lead to an illness or even a disease. 

For example, if a person experienced abandonment in their childhood they will have pictures stored in their body around that abandonment. Perhaps those pictures are stored the area of their heart and may get reactivated whenever they feel like they are being abandoned by their partner or friends. It doesn’t mean they are actually experiencing abandonment, but the association from the past emotion is so strong that it brings up an anxiousness within their body and they feel as if it is actually happening to them in present time. A person can even get lit-up by watching a movie where there is an issue of an abandonment in the plot, their pain gets reactivated. 

That old energy around the abandonment, if not cleared can affect their present time relationships with others. This technique of blowing roses is an effective way to help release those energies. I like to think of blowing roses as a tea kettle that is getting ready to whistle or blow steam. There is pressure or energy building in that tea kettle or within your body and it needs to be released. 

Blowing Roses

You will use mental imaging to create a symbol to clear the energy or picture that is causing the discomfort. It may only take a few minutes to clear a picture but if the energy you are working to shift has a big charge to it, meaning you have been holding onto it for a long time, it may take months to clear, maybe longer. The good news is, every time you release energy off of a picture you are healing another layer of it. 

To begin, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Allow your body to settle down. In your mind create the image of a simple rose out in front of you that is about ten inches tall, in any color you choose. This rose you will place outside your aura, so two to three feet in front of you. Imagine creating that rose in front of the area of your body were you feel the discomfort like your solar plexus, your heart or place the rose in front of your head if you aren’t sure where to place it.  

If you know what the picture is you are trying to clear, send the energy held around that picture into that rose. To do this, simply postulate that the energy you want to release flows out of you and into the rose. Don’t over think it, just allow it to happen. You may see the energy flow out of you and into the rose. You may feel it leaving your body or just have the sense that the energy you want to clear flows out of you and into the rose. 

Even if you don’t know what the energy or picture is you are trying to clear but you have discomfort lighting-up in your body, use this technique to clear that energy. 

Once you have sent that energy into the rose you will want to disperse that energy. Simply see the rose explode or blow-up, you are now blowing roses! Blowing up the rose disperses the energy. Repeat this step, creating and destroying roses with the energy you want to clear, within it. To make this even more effective, create and destroy roses in different colors. Perhaps you create some red roses, then green roses, then purple and so on, until the feeling of the discomfort goes away. The reason for the different colored roses is that energy is held in the body not only in pictures but in color vibrations. By using different colors you can clear more energy held around what it is you want to release. 

When you get good at this you can do it with your eyes open, rapid fire any where, any time.

You can use blowing roses if you are in a line at the grocery store and you suddenly get lit-up on a picture and feel uncomfortable. That discomfort gives you a great opportunity clear energy by applying blowing roses. If you are talking to someone and they lite-you-up, blow roses. The other person cant see you blowing roses but you can clear that energy within yourself in the moment. It is actually a gift when someone lites-you-up. That person is giving you a chance to clear pictures that have come to the surface and are ready to be released out of your space!

I personally use this technique every day and will continue to for the rest of my life. It is highly effective at shifting energy. 

Once you release energy you need to replenish yourself 

After you release energy you need to replenish yourself and fill in all the places and spaces where that energy was once held.

With your eyes still closed, create the image of a big, warm golden sun about six inches above your head. This is the tool you are going to use to replenish your body with positive energy. Once you have created a sun above your head, bring the sun in through the top of your head, allowing all that golden sun energy to fill your body in completely, saturating all your cells and organs from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Take a minute or so to allow your body to soak up that positive energy. Fill yourself in with a sun every time after you blow roses. It is easy once you get the technique down so practice often and see how much better you feel after applying  the technique of blowing roses and filling yourself up with gold. 

I highly recommend doing a daily grounding mediation to release energy.

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