What's Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams?

We all have some type of block we are trying to release or move through at any given time in our lives, that’s just part of being a human.

If you sit quietly, with your eyes closed and focus on that one issue that you just can’t move past right now, like creating a healthy relationship, making more money, starting your own business, finding a new job or even losing weight. When you focus on that issue, you will feel uncomfortable in some part of your body. That uncomfortable feeling is a clue there is a block. 

When you are not moving forward in and area of your life you may come up with a million excuses why you can’t move forward. What is stopping you is an energetic block in your energetic field, and that blocked energy may not even be your own. It’s possible the energy stopping you is that of a friend or sibling putting stop energy in your space because they don’t want you to have more than they have. Perhaps it’s a limiting belief about yourself that you have held onto since childhood. How about a boss who is threatened by how brightly you shine and doesn’t want you to move past them. There are all sorts of reasons why blocks form in our bodies an in what we are trying to create in our lives, and it’s important to clear them out.

Don’t give up your dreams and desires to an energetic block when there are ways to remove them.

If a block is not removed it may not only stop you from moving forward and creating the life you came here to live, it may even cause a health problem in your body, manifesting from a simple discomfort into an illness and even quite possibly a disease. One way to begin to release a block is by using the mental image technique of a grounding cord, (you can download a free grounding meditation off the home page of this website that will walk you though creating a grounding cord and release energy).

There are many ways to look at and release energy, a grounding cord is just one way. I teach classes that provide you with many different techniques to look at and release energy. I also can work with you one on one and teach you how to see for yourself what the energy block looks like so you have an awareness the next time a block or resistance comes up and how to clear it yourself. 

Don’t let your blocks keep you form creating the life you came here to live. Life is way too short to not live it fully, especially where there are ways to move past what is stopping you!

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