Setting Goals for the New Year!

What could be blocking you from accomplishing your goals?

It’s the new year, you write down your goals and are ready to charge ahead. Then a few weeks go by and the zest you had for accomplishing those goals falls flat. Does that sound familiar?  Well, it may not be your fault and here is why.

We as humans are energy. We hold onto all our past experiences and store them as pictures in our bodies. Those pictures have energy attached to them and can create blocks that keep you from accomplishing your goals and even from moving forward in specific areas in your life. 

Let me give you an example. Say you had a boss in the past that judged and criticized  you and made you believe your work was substandard. You have a new job now, but are afraid to step up to the next level in your job because of all the past criticism. You were programed by your old boss to believe you weren’t good enough and now you are sitting in a picture of pain that keeps you from moving forward on your goals and in your career. You will only be able to move as far ahead with your goals and in your career as your pain level will allow you to. If there is a lot of pain attached to that picture, you may not be able to completely accomplish your goals. 

What could be blocking you from achieving your goals will be unique to you and your life experiences. I have recorded a mediation on giving your goals a healing and releasing the energy that may keep you from accomplishing your goals. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of my short, 90 Day Goal Setting Strategies and the recording of the goal healing meditation, please email me. You may be surprised when you listen to the mediation and give your goals a healing, what your blocks are and how much better you feel after releasing on held energies out if your body and off your goals.

I will host another, free 90 day goal setting class the end of March, everyone is welcome to attend.

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