Releasing Holiday Stress

There is nothing like getting together with family and friends over the holidays to trigger old issues and add unwanted stress into your life. Here are a few helpful tips to get though the holidays with family and friends.

First, I highly recommend listening to my free grounding meditation on the home page of my website. This grounding meditation will walk you through releasing stress out of your body by using the tool of a grounding cord, and teach you how to replenish yourself with positive energy using a golden sun. This grounding mediation can be used daily.

When you feel yourself being triggered by someone or an event, think to yourself, how am I going to react? Find some amusement in the situation. Next, try to bring your awareness, your energy, into the center of your head, behind your eyes. By bringing your awareness into the center of your head you will be less triggered by the person or situation and see it with more neutrality. These tools are taught in my Meditation 1 series starting January 24th Via Video Conferencing, listed on the class schedule page.

Finally, make sure you are grounded when you go to a holiday gathering. Use the visualization tool of a grounding cord taught on the free grounding meditation. Using the tool of a grounding cord when attending a gathering will also help you to be less triggered by others so you can enjoy yourself more fully. When you get home from the gathering or party, release the event and people out of your space using your grounding cord. Also, call your energy back to yourself by using the tool of a golden sun. Not only are these techniques simple, they are very effective in helping you to stay relaxed during a stressful time of the year.  Again, these tools are covered on the free grounding meditation.

Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season!