Let Go Of Worry

Do you constantly worry about whether something may happen or not happen in the future? Do you worry about money or things that you can’t control? What that is a sign of, is not being in present time. 

Worry causes you to constrict the flow of energy not only in your body, but also in what you are trying to create in your life. Say you are worried about money, that worry will shut down your flow of abundance even more. What you focus your attention on is what you manifest to you. So watch your thoughts carefully. 

If you can’t seem to break that loop of worrisome thoughts that keep running though your mind, one way to help you release that worry is to become present and grounded.  (You can download and listen to my free grounding mediation for help with this), see link below.  When you become present and grounded you will calm yourself and your mind down and begin to find the answers and the solutions to what you perceive is a problem. It’s very difficult to find solutions when you are not in present time because present time is the only place to find your answers and to create from.

For additional help in releasing worry, see my March blog post that talks about shifting energy quickly.  

If you have never experienced “grounding yourself” I think that you will find with practicing this technique, how much calmer you become and you will begin to vibrate higher. When you vibrate higher you just feel better and are more positive in your life. Just like water seeks it’s own level, so too does energy. The more grounded you are, the more positive you become and the more positive experiences you will attract to you. 

Click here for to subscribe to the free grounding meditation.

Best wishes for a successful month!