How Negative Judgements About Ourselves Affects Our Lives

Transformational Healing Solutions, May 2017 Blog 

How Negative Judgements About Ourselves Affects Our Lives 

Holding onto judgements about yourself is not only a very negative practice, it lowers your vibration and interferes with what you are trying to create in your life. Often we allow other people’s opinions and judgments about us and our lives to become the beliefs we hold about ourselves. When you have negative core beliefs about yourself and your life it can stop the flow of energy and prevent you from creating and fulfilling your goals, wishes, and dreams.  

Don’t let someone else throw away your dreams

If you want to know what your judgments and beliefs are, listen to your self-talk or tune into how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. For example, do you think or say to yourself, “I did a great job today, or, I did the best I could and tomorrow will be even better”? Or, do you berate yourself for all the things you think you should have done better or differently; things you should have said or not said and beat yourself up over it? Do you feel like someone won’t love you or you won’t get that job until you do X Y or Z?  When you have negative beliefs about yourself and your life you will have a more difficult time reaching your goals. 

Release judgements  

One way to help raise your vibration is to release self-defeating negative judgments and self- talk and replace them with positive statements about yourself. (Click here to read my March blog for other ways to change your vibration quickly). When a negative thought comes in, imagine it going into a big bubble and then pop the bubble. Replace that negative thought with a positive statement about yourself. Then find at least one good thing you did that day and congratulate yourself for accomplishing it. You can do the same thing if you feel people are influencing you with negative judgements or opinions. Just put that energy in a bubble and pop it. Continue doing this until you feel like that energy has been completely released. It might take just one bubble to release that energy or it may take a lot more. Keep creating bubbles and then popping those bubbles until you feel a release and are no longer affected by that energy.  

Replenish yourself with positive energy

Next, take a couple of minutes to replenish yourself with some positive energy. Create the image of a large golden sun above your head, fill that sun up with lots of positive energy by seeing words like self-love, success, validation, joy, gratitude and whatever else feels good to you. See those energies (words) written out and float them into that sun above your head. Next, bring that sun in through the top of your head and fill yourself in completely with all that positive, golden energy. Allow your cells from the tips of your toes to the top of your head to fill up with that positive energy, allowing it to completely saturate all your organs too.

These are just a few helpful techniques to loosen up some energy that may be blocking you. If you are interested in learning more about these techniques or are interested in having a private session to help you clear your blocks, please contact me

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