Are You Truly Living Your Life?

Answer this question. “If I were not afraid I would ______________”! 

What is that “thing” you would do? Maybe you would change careers, take that big trip to a far off place. How about leave a bad relationship or start your own business?

We all have dreams we would like to fulfill in our lives or something we want to create. We also have fears that keep us stuck and unable to fulfill those dreams. 

Fear is stuck or blocked energy that is held within us often times from as far back as childhood. It begins with programing from our parents, our teachers and our peers. Maybe you had a boss who told you that you were a failure or you didn’t achieve a goal you set for yourself, so you don’t want to risk trying again and you stay stuck in that failure energy.

When you continue to dismiss that inner feeling that you want to do something big in your life, you are denying your spirit the growth it needs to fulfill your purpose. You may feel like you are playing it safe by staying in that job you hate because you won’t find another one that pays as well. You stay in that relationship because you are afraid of being alone. Taking the safe route is going against your spiritual goals and you can never truly be satisfied in your life when you discount those feelings and don’t fulfill your dreams. 

How do you move forward when you are stuck? 

There are a couple of techniques you can apply to help loosen up some energy that may be blocking you from moving forward. The first and one of the most important techniques is to be in present time. Meditation is a great way to get yourself into present time by forming a daily meditation practice. Start with 10 minutes per day of just sitting, breathing and bring your awareness back to you and let go of thoughts and energies that are affecting you. If you would like a guided meditation to follow, you can download a free grounding meditation off of the home page of my website, or find a meditation online that you enjoy practicing.

Stop The Negative Self Talk

The second technique is to stop the negative self-talk that we ALL tell ourselves, ALL day long. You don’t think you do this? Start watching your thoughts and you will be surprised at how many times per day you think something negative about yourself. When you catch yourself doing this, replace it with a positive thought. Practice positive self-talk for the next 10 days and see how you feel. How about practicing positive self-talk for the rest of your life and see how magical life can become! 

If you are really stuck and ready to shift yourself to a deeper level, try a private session with me and experience how quickly you can release that blocked energy. Together we will uncover the root cause that is stopping you from realizing your dreams so you create the life you want to live! 

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