Are You Stuck In Old Programing?

When you are “stuck” in a program you are actually stuck in a belief that someone knowingly or unknowingly programmed you to believe and you took it on as your own truth. This happens all the time. It could be as simple as a saleswoman getting you to buy a dress you didn’t really want to buy. Another example I frequently see with my clients is that their parents programmed them as a child to go into a specific profession because that profession is what the parent deemed to be the measure of success. Still another example is a teacher telling a student that they aren’t good enough to be or do something that they love to do so the student stops pursuing his or her dream of becoming an artist or a dancer. Even well-meaning friends program you all the time to get you to do something they want to do or get you to believe in something that they believe in. 

What is actually happening in this dynamic is that people are telling you what to do or how to do it through their own filters and experiences in their life. What is correct for one person may have nothing to do with what you came here to create for yourself this lifetime. The problem is, once you get programed and you don’t have the awareness that it is not your information, you take it on as a truth, it becomes a belief in your own space.

Once programming becomes a belief it can derail you from your personal goals 

Programming can be subtle and it can be overt. When I was preparing to travel the world alone I had countless people try tell me that what I was about to do was dangerous. Fortunately I had enough awareness in my body and a strong enough belief in what I was doing that I could disregard the programming and judgments people where putting in my space. Those judgments were trying to keep me from taking my trip. I took my year-long, solo around the world journey and was totally safe the entire time. Had I listened to other people I would never have taken that life-changing trip which helped me to grow and expand myself in so many positive ways.

People may believe their comments are well-meaning but part of the dynamic happening here is that some people can’t imagine creating for themselves what you are creating for yourself.  All their fears surface about taking the next step on their own path. What you are creating may put them into pain so they will try to shut you down to stop that pain. They go to the source of the pain and that’s you!

If you are a parent think carefully about how you talk to your kids. Are you programming them? If you really listen to yourself speak to them when they come to you with an idea or a dream, how are you responding? Are you encouraging your kids no matter how old they are or are you programming them with your feedback? I am very careful when I talk to my kids, my clients, and my friends to not program them. This may take some work in the beginning, but I encourage you to really listen to yourself when you talk to someone. How are you responding? If you responded with programming, then say I didn’t mean to program you, and take back what you said and find a way to respond that is neutral. There are ways to respond  where you can simply point out other options and let your child make their own decision. Often our kids will come up with better ideas or solutions than we can imagine ourselves.  

How often are you programmed and how often do you program others?

By listening to how you speak to others you will become more aware of how others speak to you. Then you will start to realize when you are being programmed by someone. You might be surprised at how often it really happens. Listen for the “You should do this or that”. “Why don’t you do this and not that”. “You can’t do that because……  “

If you feel you have been programmed I suggest you take that information that was just put in your space and remove it. To remove it try a technique of creating a symbol of a rose about two to three feet in front of you.  You will do this with your eyes closed and simply imagine that rose out in front of you and have the thought that the energy of that programming going into that rose. When you have sent that energy of programming into the rose, imagine exploding that rose into a million little pieces of gold dust. Continue to create and destroy roses until you feel you have pulled all that programing out of your space. You can also use the technique of grounding and releasing that energy though a grounding mediation. Click here to download the free grounding meditation. 

Once you have been programmed by someone you only have 72 hours to clear that energy out of your space before it becomes a belief in your own space. Be diligent about keeping other people’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions out of your own energy space and you will find that you manifest your hopes, wishes, goals and dreams more easily and in ways that are best for you and your soul’s purpose.

Are You Stuck In Old Programing?

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