Making Time To Quite Your Body and Breathe

Making Time To Quiet Your Body and Breathe

How often do you really take the time to be still and breathe? Maybe the better question is, do you ever take the time to quiet your body and just breathe? 

We can get so caught up in our lives and everyone else’s problems that we forget to take time for ourselves to just be, just breathe. If you literally took time once a day to be still and receive several deep breaths you will change your vibration to a higher level. By breathing deeply you will release stress and have more clarity. Some people find that  it can lowers their heart rate and helps them sleep better.

It is said that it takes twenty-one days to make or break a habit. Try breathing more deeply for twenty-one days and see how your life changes. You have to breathe anyway, why not make at least a few of those breaths count? Put a reminder by your bed so you can start the day with some deep breaths and add some positive thoughts when you inhale and fill your body with those thoughts. You could add the thoughts of vitality into your body, joy, self-love or whatever you want for your day. Then before you go to bed at night take a few deep breaths and on the exhale release energies you want to let go of. You can release stress from your day, the energy around projects you are working on, any unspoken words you didn’t get to say and anything else that comes to mind you are ready to let go of. 

Get into the habit of deep breathing, releasing old energy and filling up with new energy. By doing these simple practices every day, you’ll find that you may not only feel physically better, but emotionally and spiritually better as well. Give it a try, you’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain!