Are You Burned Out?

Are you constantly tired? Are you irritable towards other people? Is it difficult to get motivated to take care of the details of daily living? If you are answering yes to these questions you probably are weighed down by foreign energy in your space.

What the heck does “foreign energy” in your space mean?

We as humans are bombarded everyday with energy coming at us from emails, phone calls, demands we put on ourselves and  people we come in contact with every day. We also leave a little of our energy everywhere we go, no wonder why most people are tired. All these interactions carry energy with them and just because you have hung up the phone or have left work for the day and are back in your home sweet home, it doesn’t mean you have separated yourself from these energies. We also leave a bit of our energy everywhere we go. In fact if you don’t call your own energy back from where you have left it, this will add to you feeling depleted. Unless you have a way to release the this foreign energy and call your energy back, it will begin to weigh you down, make you feel sluggish and can even affect what you are trying to create in your life and ultimately your health.

How The heck do I release this energy and how do I get my own energy back?

Through a simple guided mediation you can learn techniques to release foreign energy from your body and call back your own energy you have left out in the world. By listening to the short meditation and practicing releasing energy every day, you will start to have more energy in your body and life wont seem so exhausting. Simply subscribe and listen for free to the meditation on this website and start feeling better today. There is no obligation and you can unsubscribe at any time! What do you have to lose by trying except the foreign energy in your space!