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Making Time To Quite Your Body and Breathe

Making Time To Quiet Your Body and Breathe

How often do you really take the time to be still and breathe? Maybe the better question is, do you ever take the time to quiet your body and just breathe? 

We can get so caught up in our lives and everyone else’s problems that we forget to take time for ourselves to… Read More

Are You Stuck In Old Programing?

When you are "stuck" in a program you are actually stuck in a belief that someone knowingly or unknowingly programmed you to believe and you took it on as your own truth. This happens all the time. It could be as simple as a saleswoman getting you to buy a dress you didn't really want to buy. Another example I frequently see with my clients is that… Read More

Where Are You Vibrating?


Everything in the Universe has its own specific vibration. Positive energy vibrates very fast and attracts more positive energy. Negative energy vibrates more slowly and attracts more negativity. If you want to know where you’re vibrating at any point in time, look at your life and ask, “how are things working for me?”

We all have had low vibrational days… Read More

Buffering Yourself From Other Peoples Energy

Have you ever felt someone's energy even before you knew they were close by? Have you ever been out with a friend and they proceed to rant or dump all their energy on you and you just wanted to run away from them as fast as you could? You don't have to know a lot about energy and auras… Read More

Staying On Your Path To Achieve Your 2018 Goals!

It's a new year and many of us will set goals we want to achieve in 2018. That's all well and good, but how often do you really see those goals though until the end of the year? The end of 2018 will arrive whether you accomplish your goals or not, so why not really set yourself up for success in the new… Read More

What Is Your “I AM” Statement?

What Is Your "I AM Statement"? 

What is it you say to yourself about yourself? Think about how often you say “I am” statements throughout your day. I am tired, I am broke, I am sad, I am overweight and so on. You might be one of the few people who say positive statements about yourself, I am loved, I am grateful, I… Read More

Are You Living In Present Time?

Are You Living In Present Time?

Does the question, "Are you living in present time sound strange to you"? You might be thinking, how could I be alive if I wasn't already living in present time? I’m standing here and I'm breathing. But just because you are standing on the planet doesn't mean you are living in present time. In fact, most people are not… Read More

Do You Allow Others To Determine How You Feel?

October 2017 Blog 

Do you ever think to yourself,  “That person made me so mad, sad, hurt, angry and so on”?  Or have you had an experience (a break up, problem at work, car accident, etc.) and you let it consume your thoughts and feelings?  No one outside of you can make you feel anything; only you can choose how you… Read More

Simple Techniques To Protect You and Your Vehicle

Simple Techniques To Protect You and Your Vehicle

Have you ever been tailgated while driving? Have you ever been in an accident? Here are a couple of techniques you can use to protect yourself while on the road.

Through the simple technique of mental imaging you can create a layer of protection around you and your vehicle while driving. Sound strange? I invite… Read More

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