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Are You Stuck In Resentment?

As a healer and Clairvoyant and having worked with many clients over the years, I have seen what holding onto resentment does to person's body. Over time, holding onto resentment damages the cells of a body and can eventually cause illness and disease. 

Do you have a story you won't let go of?

When you hold onto resentment, a story of… Read More

Separating Your Energy From Others

Separating Energy 

Did you know that you are knowingly or unknowingly mixing your energy with other people all the time? Everywhere you go and everyone you come in contact with your energy mixes with theirs. This energy mix is not always a bad thing, however it is best to not allow someone else's energy to remain in… Read More

Are You Truly Living Your Life?

Answer this question. "If I were not afraid I would ______________"! 

What is that "thing" you would do? Maybe you would change careers, take that big trip to a far off place. How about leave a bad relationship or start your own business?

We all have dreams we would like to fulfill in our lives or something we want to create.… Read More

How Negative Judgements About Ourselves Affects Our Lives

Transformational Healing Solutions, May 2017 Blog 

How Negative Judgements About Ourselves Affects Our Lives 

Holding onto judgements about yourself is not only a very negative practice, it lowers your vibration and interferes with what you are trying to create in your life. Often we allow other people’s opinions and judgments about us and our lives to become the beliefs we hold… Read More

Let Go Of Worry

Do you constantly worry about whether something may happen or not happen in the future? Do you worry about money or things that you can't control? What that is a sign of, is not being in present time. 

Worry causes you to constrict the flow of energy not only in your body, but also in what you are… Read More

How To Shift Your Energy Quickly!


Blowing Roses- allows you to release memory pictures held within the body and aura 

This technique, called Blowing Roses is a way to release energy that has built up within your body and aura and is causing you discomfort. The discomfort you are feeling is from an energy vibration that got… Read More

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams?

We all have some type of block we are trying to release or move through at any given time in our lives, that's just part of being a human.

If you sit quietly, with your eyes closed and focus on that one issue that you just can't move past right now, like creating a healthy relationship, making more money, starting your… Read More

Setting Goals for the New Year!

What could be blocking you from accomplishing your goals?

It's the new year, you write down your goals and are ready to charge ahead. Then a few weeks go by and the zest you had for accomplishing those goals falls flat. Does that sound familiar?  Well, it may not be your fault and here is why.

We as humans are energy.… Read More

Releasing Holiday Stress

There is nothing like getting together with family and friends over the holidays to trigger old issues and add unwanted stress into your life. Here are a few helpful tips to get though the holidays with family and friends.

First, I highly recommend listening to my free grounding meditation on the home page of my website. This grounding meditation will… Read More

Staying positive in uncertain times!

With the elections this week so many people have reached out to me to ask how to stay positive when they are so worried about the future.

These are uncertain times but worrying about what may or may not happen in the future is draining and not productive. I have posted a free meditation on the home page of this… Read More

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